Who are the Arc-a-Teks?

Prior to their near-extinction, the Arcatopians built a ship and sent Zig-Zag, their most talented master builder to the planet Earth to help preserve the crafts and artistry of master-building as well as to help humanity to build its character. Learn more...

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Award-winning Building Sets

Superstructs are the multiple award-winning rod and connector style construction sets that feature charming characters and safe, durable EVA foam panels that 'pop' between the rods and joints, adding a brand new surface for children's imagination. Over a dozen sets to choose from!


Building Toys for Girls!

Superstructs pinklets are designed for girls and the way girls want to build. pinklets embrace the themes young girl builders' want with easy-to-assemble components - and just enough structure - to create their own environments for nearly endless role play and storytelling.


Creative Compound

Bubber is an amazing new moulding compound unlike anything you have ever seen before. Bubber is soft and marshmallow-like, does not stick or stain to material, and never dries out so you can use it again and again. Bubber is the latest and greatest new moulding compound for kids!

Moon Sand

Sand you can mold!

The incredible Moon Sand can be squished, squashed, molded and stacked much easier than real sand. Unlike most clays and dough, though, it doesn't dry out. Easy to clean up, Moon Sand pleases parents by not sticking or staining.

Superstructs Custom Kits

Design Your Own Set and Personalize It!

Superstructs Custom Kits guarantee giving a personalized present to a precious child. With just a few clicks, the easy online system allows grownups to design and customize their own toy building set and make the perfect gift for a young builder.

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