The Arc-a-Teks Story
Read, learn and play your important part in our future!

Here's what we know, so far...

Arcatopia was the first planet in the very first solar system in the universe. Arcatopia was constructed and inhabited by the Arc-a-Teks, a race of master builders who helped to construct the universe itself.

Tragically, Arcatopia was destroyed in the great solar tsunami in Earth year 3,000 BCE. In spite of their unsurpassed architectural, engineering and building skills, the Arcatopians could not build a planetary wind shield strong enough to protect their planet and their race from the solar anomaly which was to cause their demise. In an ultimate irony, the sun, which was their greatest construction, was to be their ultimate destruction.

Zig-Zag comes to Earth

Prior to their near-extinction, the Arcatopians built a ship and sent Zig-Zag, their most talented master builder to the planet Earth. They selected Earth as Zig-Zag’s destination because The Milky Way Galaxy and Earth's solar system were their proudest accomplishments. And, unbenownst to humanity, Earth had been made in Arcatopia’s image.

In addition to preventing the extinction of the Arcatopian species and preserving its culture, Zig-Zag's mission on Earth was to help preserve the crafts and artistry of master-building as well as to help humanity to build its character. His ultimate goal was to continue the Arcatopian species until Earth's technology was advanced enough to rebuild Arcatopia.

The Modern Arc-a-Teks, collect all six!
The Sumerian Ziggurat at Ur

Zig-Zag quickly assimilated to Earth’s earliest, primitive societies and helped mankind to begin what would become a proud and impressive history of architecture. Revealing himself to only a select few as an Arc-A-Tek from Arcatopia (which was the origin of the term "Architect") Zig-Zag became the muse to pre-historic cultures and, as such, helped human beings to develop Atlantis, the Sumerian Zigarut, the Egyptian Pyramids and more.

As mankind increased in population, migrated around the globe and developed new technologies, Zig-Zag became unable to help them as much as was needed. In the great tradition of Arcatopians, he rebuilt himself into two Arc-a-Teks. And, as mankind has advanced throughout the ages, each Arc-A-Tek has recreated and expanded as necessary.

It is because of the Arc-a-Teks that mankind has progressed in its skills as builders and developed its great cities. It is because of the Arc-a-Teks that mankind has progressed from loose bands of nomads into great societies. And it is because of Arc-a-Teks that mankind has progressed in its character and begun its quest to be true shepherds of the Earth. But there is still much work to be done…

Play your part!

The Arc-a-Teks are here to help us build, to create that which has not been done before. Your job is to do exactly that! Build. Build new Arc-a-Teks and other Superstructs creations and send us images. We'll post them in our user-created section of this site. Your creativity is our future. Let's make it together!

Characters, world and narrative created and written by
HyperCreative Media, a division of Swingset Press

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